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How can ArtIT Media help your organisation?

ArtIT Media’s VP Sync product is a synchronised video and presentation tool that can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Replacing, or assisting, traditional training methods
  • Informing existing clients of product updates
  • Marketing products to existing and new clients


How does VP Sync work?

VP Sync has been designed to be completely user friendly for both the set up of the synchronised video and presentation, catering for multiple video formats and presentation packages. You can also personalise VP Sync as your own Company logo and presentation title can be added simply at the touch of a button.Considering the main requirements of piecing together a VP Sync presentation:The presentation: If you know how to put together a presentation, there’s no need to worry! If you need help, ArtIT Media’s technical team are on hand to assist.The video: Experience has shown that the majority of clients do not have in-house facilities to record a video presentation or have the right person capable of delivering the presentation in a professional and decisive manner. ArtIT Media have a number of presenters and video experts available who can either visit your premises or work offsite. Alternatively, why not select a synthesised presenter or a “real person” synthesised presenter of your choice? Finally, the technical aspect of reaching ‘live’ status for your presentation: For peace of mind we can take everything off your hands and do everything for you. If you have the in-house capability, ArtIT Media can supply you with a “step by step” set up guide. VP Sync is hosted on a secure server and is therefore available 24 / 7 ensuring that your employees and clients can view the synchronised video and presentation at their leisure and as often as required.

Why choose VP Sync as an alternative to traditional methods?

Traditional methods are often costly, time consuming and restricted in the way they can be delivered to your target audience. VP Sync is the perfect alternative. Once you have your license, this can be used for multiple purposes.

How does VP Sync Work?

VP Sync has been designed so it is completely user friendly to even the most inexperienced user. With simple controls to play and pause, the user is also capable of moving forwards or backwards to individual slides within the presentation. VP Sync can also be viewed in full screen mode, as opposed to within a web browser and also offers a multi-lingual sub-title facility for global use.The user can also download and print the slide pack and users are able to provide feedback to your organisation.

We look forward to meeting with you and discussing your requirements further.

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